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We are an independent cybersecurity company based in Switzerland, focusing on developing the first device-agnostic security solution helping people understand and lower their exposure to cyber risk across the board. By leveraging best-of-breed technologies alongside proprietary assets and techniques, we intend to lead a revolution in cyber-security by putting the power to protect your data back into your hands.

We know cybersecurity today can seem overwhelming and scary. We are here to help you out, by giving you security tailored to you and your unique digital life. We know you do not just want another complicated technical security solution. You want the ability to take your safety into your own hands — without compromising with the rest of your life. To do that, you need two things: the right tools, and the right guide. At CybrQ, we just so happen to specialize in both.

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Our Vision

We envision a world in which everyone can take their cybersecurity into their own hands, by knowing exactly how the actions they take online expose them to risk, and what steps they can take to reduce that risk. We believe in building security through simplicity and convenience, rather than at its expense. And we believe in giving you the front door to your digital life by giving you comprehensive security, in the palm of your hand.

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Our Promise

When you use CybrQ, the bottom line is that you are trusting us to respect and protect your data privacy. We take that trust, and the responsibility that comes with it, very seriously. That is why monetizing user data, in any form, is strictly against our philosophy, and always will be. At the same time, we always give you complete visibility into what data we have saved about you, as well as the ability to delete that data – fully, completely, and instantly – at any time. Above all, we believe in keeping your data in your hands, where it belongs. That is the CybrQ promise.

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Staying safe online is about much more than an antivirus solution. Our vision is to build the first holistic security suite, making your personal cyber exposure transparent and providing tangible actions to mitigate risk across all of your accounts and devices. From your email account to your smartphone and computer to your internet-enabled lamp, CybrQ will be the one providing you the tools and the information you need to stay safe and protect the things you care about the most.

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Value Statement

We know cybersecurity today is overwhelming. There are too many tools, and no way to keep them all in one place. They are often too cumbersome and difficult to use conveniently. If they do come with instructions, it seems like you need a computer science degree to understand how they work. We believe there is a better way.

Our solution is to give you the tools you need, all in one simple package. Regardless of your operating system, web browser, device, or location, we have what you need to stay safe online. But more than just tools, we give you the information you need to be cyber-aware, make informed decisions, and stay safe in an increasingly interconnected world.