Is it really important?

It is a well-known fact within the cybersecurity industry that different browsers have different security standards, and a website that may be considered malicious by one is often undetected by another.

Most users lack the time to check the threat potential of each and every website, trusting instead to either their gut instinct or to their browser’s native — and incomplete — defenses.

The CybrQ Safe Browsing Extension goes beyond industry-standard sources to inform users of potential threats before a click ever occurs, alerting the user to their presence and allowing them to make a fully-informed decision about their actions.

User Benefits

Green/Orange/Red Alerts

Understand the risk of a link before you click on it.

Reason for Alert

Provides context to a link allowing you to make better informed decisions.

Version Control

It’s vital to run the latest software version at all times.

Behavior Profile

Understand your browsing behavior and benchmark against peers.